Know Your Rights & Vote in 2018!

As Clarissa for School Board volunteers go door-to-door across District 4, these are the most common questions voters are asking this fall. vote

Q: How do I find Clarissa on my ballot?

A: Clarissa is first in our hearts but Oakland School Board is last on the ballot. Look for Oakland Schools on page 4.

Q: How do I mark my ballot?

A: See the arrow? With a blue or black pen, connect the line from one side of the arrow to the other. Don’t use circles, check marks, or any other reasonable, well-intentioned markings – the scanners can’t read that. Draw a straight line connecting the arrow.

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If you make a mistake, do not try to correct it, call the Alameda County Registrar at (510) 272-6973 office for a replacement ballot.

When voting by mail, place your ballot in the return envelope provided. Sign and write your address on the return envelope to make sure your ballot is counted.

Q: I just registered to vote for the first time. What do I do now?

A: Welcome and thank you for being a voter! Visit and search on your address. It will show your Polling Place. By law, all California Polling Places must be open and ready to serve voters from 7am to 8pm. When do you plan to vote?

There are great resources for you. Check out “What’s on the Ballot?” for general information.

Q: I moved. How do I know where to vote?

A: First, visit Alameda County’s My Voter Profile and confirm your registration. The site asks for your address and birthday.i-voted-sticker-jpg-1478666545

It will also show your polling place (and if you vote by mail, if the ballot you sent in has already been received.) It’s peace of mind knowing your vote is ready to be counted! This service is available in English, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Cantonese.

Q: I received an absentee or mail ballot, but my kids lost it.

A: It has happened to all of us! Use the steps above to find your Polling Place. On Election Day, tell the Election Specialists at your Polling Place that you lost a mail ballot, and you want to vote a “provisional” ballot.

In California, these votes are absolutely counted! Our Clarissa for School Board team will have Voting Rights Inspectors at election headquarters for the count to make sure your vote is protected.

Q: I don’t have stamps. How do I mail my ballot?

A: Good news – while that oversize ballot requires two stamps, California law requires the Post Office to deliver your ballot. If you have stamps, help the Registrar out with two first-class (50 cents) stamps. If you are out of stamps – we got you covered, your ballot will be counted.

Q: What is early voting?

A: You can vote early on Saturday, Nov. 3 or Sunday, Nov. 4 from 9am to 3pm at the Alameda County Registrar’s Office at 1221 Fallon St., Oakland. You can also order a “Will Call” Ballot to be ready for you to at their offices for your convenience before Nov. 6.

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